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Whole30 Day 16 – Top 5 Recap

So here I am over halfway through my Whole30 and I have no idea how I got here… seriously the time is flying by! Just a few things I’ve discovered so far:

1.Bullet proof coffee is my JAM! This has seriously saved me some mornings when I’m just too busy to make a “real” breakfast. The combinations of caffeine and healthy fats keeps me surprisingly satiated and satisfied all the way until lunch. (I love unintentional alliteration by the way)

2.Any veggie cooked in bacon fat makes said veggie automatically 37x more delicious! After a couple weeks of making steamed veggies almost every night, I got bored and decided to switch things up. I’ve had a jar of bacon fat in my pantry for a couple of months (leftover bacon drippings) that I just didn’t know what to do with… one day I got a crazy idea to cook my broccoli in a skillet with a little melted bacon fat. Oh. My. Lord. Literally heaven in my mouth. I did the same thing the next morning with my spinach and egg omelet. First I wilted the spinach in a little bacon fat, then added my eggs… amazing. I think this was a dangerous discovery because I’ve already gone through the whole jar because I’ve been cooking all the vegetables in it… you name it, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, the possibilities are endless.

3.Im not as great at this blogging thing as I thought I’d be. So when I first started this blog, I had visions of posting every night. You know, like with a recap of my day, what I ate, how I’m feeling. But then I remembered that I am me, and I was also the same 13 year old who always dreamed of keeping a hidden diary, so I’d start writing a few days in a diary, then the entries would get further and further apart, until I just gave up altogether. Only to decide 6 months later I wanted to try again, beg my dad to buy me ANOTHER journal (because I HAD to start fresh) and repeat the whole process over again. I swear I had at least 4 diaries with less than 7 entries each. Yeah, much hasn’t changed I guess. Here I am 16 17 days into my Whole30 and this is my first update post. Oh well… it’s a work in progress. Good thing is I’ve been spending my time doing more productive things at least.

4.I had my first “forbidden food” dream. I knew this was a possibility when doing Whole30, as it tends to be a “thing” with people doing the Whole30. But, on Day 12, it still surprised me when I woke up as I tend to stick to a pretty strict diet anyway due to my IBD. The culprit? Peanut M&M’s. Seriously I was going to town(!) on a handful of those colorful chocolate candies and I swear to you, I could TASTE them it was so real! I was relieved when I woke up and realized it was only a dream… but I’m not gonna lie, if I can get a taste of peanut m&ms even if only in my dreams, I’ll take it!

5.Why is my skin literally GLOWING you ask? Because Whole30, that’s why. Definitely one of my favorite “side effects” of the Whole30. Ive had problem skin my whole life. I naively thought that once I hit my twenties I’d grow out of my teenage acne phase… nope. My teenage acne phase has only matured to a more stubborn, persistent, twenty-something acne phase. But Whole30 gives me better skin results than all the over-the-counter scrubs, harsh astringents, face peels, and prescription acne medication that I’ve ever wasted money on in my entire life.

So there you have it, my top 5 Whole30 takeaways so far. I’ll try to check in again before my Whole30 is complete, but, ya know, life. Have any of you done a Whole30 before? Did you have any crazy food dreams?


My name is April, I’m 29 years old and I’d like to officially welcome you to my #dirty30journey! My ultimate goal? Feel physically, mentally, and spiritually better in my thirties, than I ever have before in years past. This journey has been a lifetime in the making and it hasn’t always been pretty - with bumps and bruises, ups and downs, and lots of curves and detours along the way. So welcome everyone to my page, where I will share my struggles, my triumphs, my favorite Whole30/Paleo/SCD recipes, occasional random thoughts and my tips and tricks on how I plan on living my #bestlife by the age of thirty.

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